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The Company of Transport and International Forwarding Panda Express - Civil Partnership offers transport and forwarding services for all kinds of loads that do not exceed the mass of 1.5 ton.

Our Company covers within its reach all countries of the European Union, and also, as one of a few forwarding companies that are engaged in part-load consignments, we carry out transportation to such countries as Ukraine or Belarussia.

Bigger and bigger number of companies go away from the classic method of storage of goods and turn to the prompt deliveries - so called "Just in time" deliveries. Such customers should be approached individually. That is why apart from the full truck loads we also guarantee the express additional-loading transportation.

Thanks to the professional service that we render to our customers and our very competitive price offer that is always adjusted for a specific customer and for a specific load our Company has acquired trust of many seriously developing Companies in a quite short period of time.